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Stray Dog Fells On The Ground And Starts Crying When Realizing That She Finally Got Help

 Every dog may be a good dog. They need to have a cheerful family. But not all of them have that luck. They’re battling the loneliness, seeking help. When love and kindness come at the proper time, they will save these animals and alter their life forever.

This is what happens with Gaia, a stray dog. When the poor girl finally saw good people coming to assist her, she collapses to the bottom and starts crying. She has skilled a troublesome time and now she will make her first smile.

When Tania Cappelluti was traveling in Costa Rica in search of a stray dog, she spotted Gaia. the small black girl was sitting on the side of the dusty road.

“It was a boiling hot Sunday…Seriously…it was unbearable…we drove and drove and couldn’t find the dog,” Tania wrote on her rescue’s Facebook page.

When Tania came to Gaia to offer her some water, the dog appeared to be so relieved. The dog fell on the bottom and cried. That scene tightened inside the lady . She didn’t hesitate to rescue the dog.

“When I jumped out of the car to see on her she immediately fell on the bottom and began crying,” Tania said.

Gaia was then covered in fleas and ticks and was extremely dehydrated. She could hardly hold herself up when the kind-hearted woman gave her some water and food.

Tania may be a yoga instructor and runs her own dog rescue, Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue. She named her new rescued dog Gaia and shared her pictures and story on Facebook. She tried her best to assist Gaia find a replacement home where is loved and cared for.

There are still many kind-hearted people out there. Gaia was adopted by a stunning woman living in Costa Rica . The girl is currently living during a beautiful cool house and really enjoys it.

“Stories like this make us soooo happy!” Tania said. Gaia is given a second chance for a cheerful life and it’s worth expecting .