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Support Dog Travels From Oregon To Texas After Her Human Dies Suddenly

 It took a few heroes to get her home.

Cami, an emotional support dog, had a chaotic week after her human suddenly gave up the ghost . She was by his side for his final breath, on the other hand she was taken to an Oregon animal shelter. Cami’s other relations were in Texas, and she or he had no way of traveling that far to be with them


But luckily, an animal rescue had a dog transport going from Texas to Cami’s location. So, they kindly offered to travel out of their thanks to bring her toward familiar faces. The transition to life without her dad are going to be hard, but many supportive humans are working hard to stay her life as relaxing as possible from now on.

James Northcott, commonly referred to as “Trey,” lived in Texas for many of his life, but recently moved to Eugene, Oregon for a change of scenery. His emotional support dog named Cami stayed by his side every step of the way. Trey struggled with substance addiction and his psychological state , and Cami was always there to comfort him during the highs and lows in his life.

But on July 4th, 2021, Trey gave up the ghost unexpectedly. He suffered from a embolism . Many believe that Cami tried to hunt help for her human, but medical professionals didn’t arrive in time. Trey took a nap and never awakened . Of course, Cami still refused to go away his side through it all.

“Emergency came, and that they said they really worked hard on him, but it had been too late, but Cami was there to ascertain it all, and that we are really, really glad she was with him,” Trey’s mother, Susan Cox, said. “I just hope the previous couple of months of his life were the simplest there in Oregon.”

With no other family in Oregon, Cami was transported to Greenhill Humane Society. Trey’s family in Texas wanted to fly Cami to them, but she was too big to ride within the cabin of the plane. They were starting to lose hope until Danielle Stewart, the president and founding father of Apollo Support and Rescue, heard their story.

Stewart was on a mission to move dogs from Texas to pre-approved adopters up north. She was headed back toward Texas anyway, so someone reached bent her about Cami.

“They shared the story and said, ‘Hey aren’t you rising to the Pacific Northwest for dog adoptions, and that i said, I sure am,” Stewart said. “So, she shared the story with me, and it immediately touched my heart.”

Without hesitation, Stewart made plans to select up Cami and convey her home. At the shelter, they hadn’t known the pup’s name initially , in order that they named her Sammy. it had been only a coincidence that the 2 names were so similar.

Stewart posted a Facebook live video of her learning Cami and putting her within the transport van. Despite browsing such a lot heartbreak, Cami is enthusiastic and likes to give kisses to everyone she meets. She was an ideal passenger during the drive across the country.

Now, Cami is home with many familiar faces, including Trey’s girlfriend, mom, and sister. She can’t bring her ally back to life, but she will still live her life to the fullest, because of everyone fighting for her. Her big journey back to Texas was worth it!