They Tried To Starve Him & Beat The Spirit Out Of Helpless Dog But He Still Wags

The Capital Region Humane Society in Lansing, Michigan encountered a large number of homeless dogs. The most recent case of animal cruelty has physically broken the hearts of everyone involved. A dog recently passed through their doors in such critical condition that staff workers were baffled as to how the dog was still alive.

He was covered with excrement and urine from head to toe, and he was starved to death with many stab wounds on his weak body. Workers rushed the dog, named Ralphie, to an emergency veterinary clinic, where life-saving efforts were initiated. Ralphie's condition has stabilized as of this writing, but he remains extremely cautious. He wagged his tail, smiled, kissed, and even tried to jump up and hug.


Julia Wilson, CEO of the Capital Area Humane Society, said, "It's critical that we hold folks like this accountable." This is not acceptable in our community.”


A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the offending party. Anyone with information should call the Eaton County Animal Control Center at (517) 543-5755. At the same time, humanitarian organizations expressed gratitude to the young man who discovered Ralphie and took him to the shelter. The dog would have died if he had continued in his current condition for any length of time.


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