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Wrangler, Famous Service Dog From The Today Show, Dies At Age 6

 In his short 6 years, Wrangler did more than most humans.

Wrangler, the Labrador retriever , achieved more in his life than many humans do. The service dog started his life because the first “Puppy with a Purpose” on The Today Show, then he went on to be a seeing-eye dog and a police K9. As he grew abreast of the TV show’s set, he gained many fans, including celebrities.

But sadly, sweet Wrangler’s life was recently curtail . He gave up the ghost suddenly at six years old, thanks to disease . He had such an enormous impact on the planet , and he are going to be missed greatly.

In 2015, Wrangler became a member of The Today Show as their first Puppy with a Purpose; a program that permits guide dogs in training to measure on set during the day. that have gives them many socialization in order that they can grow into focused, confident dogs.

At night, Wrangler stayed with a handler, who helped train him for service dog duties. But in fact , everyone on the show’s set also did their part to assist . Viewers even chose his unique name.

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After his time on the show, Wrangler became a successful service dog. Then, he went on to become an explosives detection K9. There was no slowing him down! So, when he gave up the ghost with little warning, everyone who knew him was heartbroken.

“I’m sad to write down that last night Wrangler gave up the ghost suddenly from disease ,” wrote Saxton Easton, Wrangler’s original handler. “In his short 6 years, Wrangler did quite most humans. He started a wave of national media coverage for guide and repair dogs, he worked as a seeing-eye dog , and most significantly , he protected thousands of individuals a day as a Connecticut State Police Explosives Detection K9.”

Of course, Wrangler is understood for his many accomplishments, but there’s more thereto than that. He was also a lovable pup who warmed the hearts of the many . He fell crazy with every human he met.

“To me, Wrangler was my super early morning buddy. He had the foremost perfectly squishable neck rolls. He rarely caught the ball, but never stopped trying. He was one among the few Labs i do know who wasn’t fickle together with his love. and that i know that my life would look very different today if he hadn’t been a neighborhood of it,” wrote Easton.

Easton was with Wrangler for his puppy years, teaching him the way to be a well-behaved service dog. She said that while she missed him when he completed training, it’s so rewarding to ascertain dogs like him continue to assist people. And Wrangler certainly did his part to form the planet a far better place.

Rest in peace, Wrangler. many thanks for all the lives you changed.