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A purebred dog with a note and two snow-white puppies was tied to a bush

Betrayal is always betrayal, no matter what arguments someone gives

 Sometimes people do terrible things to urge obviate animals that, for various reasons, became unnecessary for them.

Once a volunteer Sasha called me, who has 60 of our animals, and said: 《If you're standing, sit down.》 After these words, I didn't expect any excellent news . Here’s what happened.

Sasha went out into the yard to feed the dogs, then he saw that under the fence someone was stretching out Pieris rapae paws, trying to urge a dried bone. Opening the gate, the person froze during a daze.

A big, beautiful dog was tied to a bush near the house, almost like Collie and Malamute at an equivalent time, a bit of paper was protruding of its collar. And next to the dog were two slender snow-white puppies of about 2 months, who checked out Alexander with curiosity.

It was not difficult to guess that the dog family was delivered to this wilderness intentionally , they knew perfectly well who lived during this house. Sasha scratched the good-natured mother-dog behind the ear, and she or he leaned against his legs, making it clear that she not had any strength to take a seat within the sun. At that moment, the piece of paper fell out of the collar and therefore the man finally realized that it had been a note.

And the text was like this: “In reference to the move, i'm delivering dogs to a shelter! DON’T blame me”

That is, you'll not take the animal with you, find a replacement home and invite help, you only had to offer it up and it doesn’t matter if we take them or not? Will Sasha have time to ascertain them, or the primary are going to be a neighbor who doesn't like dogs, who filed a lawsuit against Sasha precisely due to the massive number of animals. and that we don’t have a shelter, a person keeps them reception . More precisely, within the yard.

They were simply left to defend themselves, the entire family was left. But once this dog with sad eyes believed these people, who, not only didn't protect her from hit or miss pregnancy but also cruelly betrayed, breaking three fates directly .

Not knowing the way to act otherwise, the person greets Sophia into the yard (as he named the dog), and two puppies, who were no quite two months old, saw the yard after their mother.


All our enclosures were already packed to capacity, but there was no choice, we can’t leave a poor mother together with her puppies within the middle of a village located in an open field. We had to place them during a cramped enclosure with the puppies that we had sheltered earlier.

Sofia clothed to be an intelligent and trained dog. She was about 2 years old. From the primary minutes, she was happy to demonstrate to Sasha everything that she will . She stretches her paw herself, blinks, smiles … kind of says: 《Look how good i'm , don’t drive us away》.

Despite the cramped conditions of detention, the mother of the puppies was glad that they got a minimum of someplace and unquestioningly obeyed her savior, and her kids from the very first day celebrated twiddling with other kids and ate a modest dinner offered by Sasha.

After all, just then our freezer broke down and most the food intended for poor animals was spoiled within the heat.

And in the dark Sofia hugged her children and fell asleep sweetly, trusting in fate.

The kids clothed to be nearly as good as their mother. Good-natured, clever, inquisitive. Indescribable beauty!

The very next day, one among the small snow whites was taken to her by Sasha’s neighbor. She fell crazy with the baby initially sight.

And Sofia, along side her affectionate baby Umka, are still with Sasha and dream that someday they too will have a house where they're going to truly be loved, from where they're going to never be kicked out due to the “move” or by what – for a few other reason. Betrayal is betrayal, regardless of what arguments someone brings.