Abused Dog Desperate For Love & Affection Now Consistently Falls Asleep Leaning On Rescue Mom

A Boerboel named Bruno didn't have a simple start to life. He was abused and neglected and positively didn't receive the love he deserved. His owner didn’t want him anymore and eventually surrendered him to a shelter to be euthanized.

His puppy brother was also abused and surrendered with him, but the dog sadly gave up the ghost before they sent them to the vet.

Thankfully, Bruno was rescued and brought in by Sidewalk Specials, who kept him hidden during a stable while they searched for a foster or better yet, a forever home for him. Bruno was very nervous, and rightfully so.

He wasn't in the better of shape. ItIt was obvious just by looking at the treatment he received. He was starving and severely emaciated. you'll see every rib and his skin wasn’t within the better of shape either.


But despite everything he had been through, Bruno remained friendly. Usually, dogs who suffered through abuse are scared of human touch, but Bruno was desperate for attention and affection from humans.

He was bathed and given medicine and got the right medical aid that he needed. Not too long after, he found a forever home! On the way there, he kept falling asleep in the car while sitting up. It had been an extended few days for him, and a good longer few years. But he was finally safe now, and he knew that. He finally received his forever home where he fit right in with his new doggy sibling. He loved his new mom and she or he loved him back unconditionally. He would rest on her while she pet him and he’d fall right asleep. He was so grateful to finally be safe, and most significantly , loved!

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