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Badger the spaniel who was found dumped in a bucket as puppy training as a police sniffer dog

 Badger and three other pups were abandoned in Redhill, Surrey, in July 2019. Starving, scared and sick, his future looked bleak when he was found dumped in a bucket as a puppy.

A puppy that was found dumped during a bucket has become a police sniffer dog.

Badger was during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among four six-week-old cocker spaniels discovered abandoned in a garden in Redhill, Surrey, in July 2019.

The poor pups were almost bald thanks to severe mange, had chronic eye and ear infections, and were extremely malnourished and underweight.

They were subsequently taken in by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' (RSPCA) Millbrook Animal Centre.

Jo Douglas, from the centre, said: "The poor puppies were during a real state. They needed four differing types of eye drops and two ear drops which had to be administered fourfold each day , plus medicated baths for his or her skin."

After weeks of treatment the puppies - who were initially named after Stranger Things characters, El, Lucas, Mike and Dustin (now renamed Badger) - were rehomed.

All of them thrived in their new loving homes, apart from Dustin, who proved an excessive amount of to handle and was returned to the centre.

However, this was just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the pooch.

Jo said: "Dustin was always on the go and needed constant stimulation and, sadly, he was just an excessive amount of for his new owners so he came back to us.

"We kept him busy by hiding tennis balls round the centre and playing scent games with him.

"He loved it and was specialized at following his nose so we contacted the police to ascertain if they'd have an interest in taking him on as a replacement recruit."

Dustin subsequently joined the Surrey and Sussex working dog Unit's training programme and qualified as a sniffer dog six months ago.

He was paired with PC Steph Barrett, who renamed him Badger, and he now spends his days sniffing out drugs, weapons and cash.

Steph said: "I was saddened to listen to how Badger had been dumped on the side of the road but, because of the RSPCA, he's been given a second chance.

"After tons of affection and training, he has regained trust in humans and become a true success story. He's still very mischievous sometimes , but that's all a part of the challenge.

"When he hears the radio explode he squeals excitedly and that i don't even need to ask him to urge within the van. He's a joy to figure with. He's hard to not love.

"He's still got that cheeky side to him but he's hooked in to work and he makes me smile all day."

PD Badger has secured numerous finds on the work already, including a considerable quantity of money and medicines , and a mobile found hidden within the grounds of a church.