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Beloved pet dog saves family from home invader armed with shotgun - but loses her leg when she's shot

 A female pit bull named Lefty was left shot after an armed intruder invaded her and her owner’s home on July 23rd in Accomack County, VA. Lefty came forward to guard her owner from an armed intruder. The intruder received the house with a shotgun and when Left progressed the person shot Lefty shattering her shoulder and tearing off the soft tissue of her front leg.

She was rushed to the Atlantic Animal Hospital and unfortunately her leg had to be amputated due to the severity of the gun blast. The surgery cost $1500 and therefore the hospital sought the help of social media to buy the prices . AAH posted on their Facebook page and received a fantastic response. Enough donations came in and therefore the dog’s surgery was fully purchased .

“I was just amazed at what percentage people responded,” said Dr. Michele Leatherbury, owner of Atlantic Animal Hospital. “It was incredible.” Lefty left the hospital on Monday, July 29, and is predicted to form a full recovery under the loving care of her owner. Story via