Deaf Dog Fears He’ll Miss Soldier Dad’s Homecoming If He Moves Away From Door

 Cotton the deaf Pit Bull thinks his disability will prevent him from knowing when Dad returns. So he keeps his eyes peeled for however long it takes.

When soldier Phil Kriens returned from his deployment in Afghanistan in 2009, his wife, Shanti, surprised him with a gorgeous rescue Pit Bull puppy named Cotton. The puppy was rescued by the Oregon Humane Society, and they found it starved to death in a locked shed with open wounds. Later, Cotton was also found to be deaf, and had several nagging health issues.

Despite Cotton’s fragile health, the couple decided to try to their best to assist him live a cheerful life. Over the years, Cotton became an important a part of Phil’s battle together with his service-inducted PTSD. He even got Cotton registered as an emotional-support service dog. This video was taken when Cotton was eagerly expecting Phil’s return after drill weekend. Phil is used to participating in weekend training for the Oregon National Guard every other month, but these two days seem eternal to Cotton!

As we see during this video, Cotton refuses to budge from the door because he fears that he will miss Phil’s homecoming. After hours of anticipation, the deaf dog finally sees his dad walking home, and he goes “crazy” in excitement! Cotton’s joyful jumps, tail-wags and cuddles make this video extra-precious!

In a sad announcement, the Kriens have updated that that they had to place Cotton down after his inherent health problems worsened. This video will always remind us of this sweet boy’s devotion and love toward his humans! Rest in peace, Cotton! Click the video below to see Cotton patiently waiting, and his over-excited, adorable reunion with Phil!

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