Dog fends off coyotes and protects teen for 2 days after a car crash, now being hailed a hero

 'I felt my head and I looked down at my hand and it was just full of blood,' Joe explained, 'Sako laid on top of me, kept me pretty warm.'

Dogs are the most important love and constant friend that humans will ever have. This is often the story of the dog saving the owner, and it also confirms the previous statement.


A dog saved a teen’s life in Kanaka Bar, British Columbia. As a result of the dog’s heroic act, he was inducted into the Purina 47th Animal Hall of Fame. Joseph Phillips-Garcia, his aunt and his friends enjoy in the mountains every day, picking wild potatoes and fishing. The loyal dog Sako also accompanied the group. Joseph received Nicolas as a gift from his cousin when he was a child, so the two were very close.

As the group was heading home, the vehicle left the roadway and ended up crashing. Unfortunately, Joseph’s aunt and his friend died in the crash, leaving Joseph and Sako alone in the wild. That’s where the dog comes in and saves his owner when he was totally helpless. Joseph broke his leg in the crash and then the bone was protruding from his leg. Slipping in and out of consciousness, Joseph felt that Sako was by his side during the nightmare and never left him. The dog made sure that Joseph was warm.


But Sako proved that he's not just a standard dog. He moved wood closer to Joseph so that he could build a fireplace and helped Joseph to remain hydrated. However, the foremost important thing Sako did was protecting his owner from wild predators. A gaggle of coyotes were circling around them and wanted to harm Joseph. Fortunately, Sako repulsed them. Before rescuers arrived, the couple spent two nights and three days in the wild. Without Sako, Joseph seems like he would have died either from the cold of the wild beasts.

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