Dog Rescued From Shelter Saves Little Girl From Deadly Snake

A rescued German shepherd paid it forward by protecting a 7-year-old girl from a deadly rattlesnake in their garden.

Molly DeLuca (Molly DeLuca) and her German Shepherd Dog Haus (Haus) were playing in the garden of her Florida home when an Oriental diamond-shaped ray broke into the backyard.

Sensing Molly's danger, the House jumped between Molly and the Viper and saved a lot of her from the attack, but unfortunately he was bitten three times in the process. Molly’s mom, Donya, says she saw Haus jump back and run and holding his ground but didn’t see the snake. Then they saw House limping and crying, with blood on his legs.

Donya said she is very grateful to Haus for protecting Molly. She’s unsure if her daughter would have made it if she had been attacked by the deadly snake. They sent House to the vet, where he received expensive anti-venom treatment, and luckily he would recover. The family found out a GoFundMe to hide the prices, and when people heard about Haus’ bravery, they raised quite enough funds to hide his medical bills.

A few months ago, the DeLucas family rescued House from the animal shelter. Adam DeLuca, Molly’s dad, said that Haus has loved and guarded the youngsters from the instant he came home. He can’t believe how lucky the family is to possess him. “It’s just amazing what dogs can do.” Share this heroic dog with your family and friends.

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