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Dog With Broken Legs Was Rescued After Being Thrown Outdoors By Owner

 He tried to beg for a little love from his owner, but everything he did was in vain.

When Animal Hope Shelter received a video a few dog living during a garbage heap , they rushed to assist the poor creature. His name is Valentine, and he wont to be loved and cared by his owner. Sadly, an accident broke his legs, so he couldn’t walk normally. Realizing that Valentine was useless, the owner threw him outsides and left him to defend himself.

The bomber didn’t understand why his beloved owner abandoned him and didn’t look after him anymore. He tried to beg for a touch love from his owner, but everything he did was vainly . Without food, water, and medical treatment, he was malnourished and was in bad health.

Although the owner dumped the dog, he refused to let him accompany the rescuers. His situation was bad, in order that they just wanted to save lots of him as quickly as possible. They addressed the owner and had to use money to shop for the liberty of Valentine.

They quickly took the bomber to the vet for a check up. The results showed that he was anemic and had a flat stomach. X-rays showed his spine was normal, but his injured legs prevented him from standing and walking. So, he had to undergo a surgery to recover.

The doctors gave him some medical treatment before surgery. They cleaned him and gave him some food. When Valentine underwent the surgery, everyone was surrounded by fear and insecurity. Thankfully, the operation was successful.

The doctor did everything they will , but whether he could walk again or not, it all trusted his will and power. Valentin felt better after being given treatment and postoperative care. He felt the heat of affection within the doctors and rescuers and was grateful to them.

After 15 days of affection and care, Valentin had enough energy and strength to maneuver . He got acupuncture and a few easy exercises to recollect what it had been wish to walk. it had been an extended thanks to help the dog walk again, but they knew that Valentin would walk again.

Thanks to everyone at the clinic, Valentin’s life has completely changed. he's ready to walk again and find out everything around him. After everything happened to him within the past, he deserves to be lived crazy and fulfillment. We hope that he gets a loving home and owner.

Watch the complete rescue here: