Dog With Broken Legs Was Rescued After Being Thrown Outdoors By Owner

 He tried to beg for a little love from his owner, but everything he did was in vain.

When the Animal Hope Shelter received several videos of dogs living in the garbage dump, they hurriedly helped the poor animal. His name is Valentine, and he wants to be loved by his master. Sadly, an accident broke his legs, so he couldn’t walk normally. Realizing that Valentine was useless, the master threw him outside and let him defend himself.

The bomber didn’t understand why his beloved owner abandoned him and didn’t look after him anymore. He tried to woo his master, but all he did was in vain. Without food, water and medical care, he will be malnourished and his physical condition is also very poor.

Although the owner dumped the dog, he refused to let him accompany the rescuers. His condition is very bad, they just want to rescue many people as soon as possible. They addressed the owners and had to spend money to buy the freedom of Valentine.

They quickly took the bomber to the vet for a check up. The results showed that he was anemic and had a flat stomach. X-ray examination showed that his spine was normal, but his injured leg prevented him from standing and walking. So, he had to undergo a surgery to recover.

The doctor gave him some medication before the operation. They cleaned him and gave him some food. When Valentine underwent the surgery, everyone was surrounded by fear and insecurity. Fortunately, the operation was very successful.

The doctor is doing his best, but whether he can walk anymore depends on his will and strength. Valentin felt better after being given treatment and postoperative care. He felt the heat of affection in the doctors and rescuers and was grateful to them. After 15 days of pampering and caring, Valentine has enough energy and strength to swing back and forth.maneuver. He received acupuncture and some simple exercises to recall the way he wanted to walk. walk. It had been an extended thanks to help the dog walk again, but they knew that Valentin would walk again.

Thanks to everyone at the clinic, Valentin’s life has completely changed. he's ready to walk again and find out everything around him. After everything that happened to him in the past, he should live a crazy and fulfilling life. We hope that he gets a loving home and owner. Watch the full rescue here:

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