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Dying Puppy Rescued From Roadside Makes Amazing Recovery

 Animal lovers can never resist an animal in need. And Jenny Desmond was no exception as she drove through a foreign Liberian village, when she came across a sick and dying puppy along the side of the road.

Jenny knew she had to act quickly, alternatively the puppy likely wasn’t getting to get over subsequent day or two.

She sprung into action, negotiating a rescue for the puppy who was brought back to the chimpanzee sanctuary that Jenny runs together with her husband. the 2 rescue chimps that are a part of the exotic pet trade, also as work to guard the remaining wild chimps of Liberia in their natural habitat.

Regardless of her work rescuing chimpanzees, Jenny will happily rescue all kinds of animals. As expressed by the staff at her sanctuary, she’s the sort to rescue anything from chickens to grasshoppers.


The puppy that she saved was no exception. And fortunately for the puppy, Jenny’s husband Jim may be a vet and was ready to treat the puppy, who received the name Snafu.

Snafu had to wear alittle cone so as to not pick at her wounds.

And she quickly gained a gentle following of friends, because the rescued chimps took her in and gave her a lot of cuddles.


ollowing several months of care, Snafu finally grew strong and healthy enough for Jenny to rearrange a transfer for her to the us , where she was adopted into a forever home.

It truly was Snafu’s happily ever, and that we couldn’t be happier for the lovable little pup