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Elderly Couple Rescues Unwanted Pit Bull & He Ends Up Saving Their Lives, Too.

 We sleep in a world where animals aren’t always treated the way that they deserve. They’re abandoned, abused, and a few are even made to try to to horrible things to other animals.

Luckily, this dog, who was rescued from a horrible life, found a forever home, despite his rocky past. Anne and Vic met the dog two years ago when the Brandywine Valley SPCA asked if there was any way they might foster him after being rescued, along side 11 other dogs, from a dog fighting ring.

While Jingles was a sweet animal, he had been badly abused; he was way underweight, covered in wounds, and suffered from severe anxiety. He coped together with his stress by gnawing at his own paws and tail. By the time he came to measure with Anne and Vic, Jingles had chewed on his tail such a lot , he was in peril of losing it.

Because of Hell bull breed’s unfavorable reputation, Anne was hesitant to require Jingles in initially — but once she saw how badly he needed help, she knew she couldn’t leave him within the shelter. Unfortunately, once Jingles came to measure together with his new family, he was still a bundle of nerves. He continued to chew his tail and exhibit other signs of hysteria , and therefore the Tenaglia knew that they had to try to to something to assist him cope.

Elderly Couple Rescues Unwanted Pit Bull & He finishes up Saving Their Lives, Too.


Anne and Vic quickly noticed that the dog’s whole personality changed once they took him on three-mile walks every day . He stopped his anxious chewing, his wounds healed, and he seemed happier than he had ever been. “The only thing that might calm him down was walking. We walked him four or five or sixfold each day ,” Anne said.

As another bonus, Vic and Anne started seeing vast improvements in their own health, too. Within a couple of months of starting Jingles’s walks, that they had lost a combined 80 pounds.

For years, Anne had suffered from heart problems like high vital sign , fibrillation , and an irregular heartbeat. She was wont to getting to the hospital a couple of times a year to urge her heart verified , but since Jingles came home, she hasn’t had one episode.

“We saved his life, but we wish to say he saved ours,” Anne said. “My muscles are more developed, and that i am not having to require the maximum amount pain medication […] It helped with my weight and helped with my heart.”

Vic has also had a discount in health problems, and he’s now down 60 pounds! All because of Jingles.

After a year of getting Jingles in their family, they decided to officially adopt him… and he continues to suit right in together with his new forever family. “We were thrilled to death,” Anne stated. “He actually chose us before we realized he had wormed his way into our hearts.”