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Facing Euthanasia, Local Shelter Offers Dog Dad Hope For His Injured Pup

The vet told Stephen euthanasia was his only option, but he and Ollie were about to meet a guardian angel.

 Stephen Foster works as a part-time repairman at a gasoline station in Dade City, Florida. Since the recent death of his wife of 35 years, Stephen has come to believe the love and companionship of his Canis Minor , Ollie. The pooch even accompanies him to figure , happily watching her dad from the top of a tether.

A few weeks ago, Ollie was hit by a car driving through the gasoline station parking zone and was left with a broken leg. The vet told Stephen euthanasia was his only option, but he and Ollie were close to meet a guardian spirit . Actually, an entire bunch of them!

An animal control officer with Pasco County Animal Services urged Stephen to not hand over hope. subsequent day, the officer returned with veterinarian Christine Glenn, who transferred Ollie to the PCAS shelter for further care. 

“Ollie may be a special girl. he's this gentleman’s whole world. And without her he doesn’t sleep well in the dark . this is often his companion since his wife gave up the ghost ,” Dr. Glenn told ABC Action News.

Upon examination, Dr. Glenn discovered that Ollie had internal injuries additionally to her broken leg and would wish to undergo surgery. The PCAS medical team, along side volunteers from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay , visited work repairing Ollie’s ruptured diaphragm. Her prognosis was guarded, but she proved to be a fighter, heading into yet one more surgery—this time for her fractured leg—just days later.

With all that under her furry belt, Ollie began the long road to recovery. Stephen visited her within the medical suite every chance he got over subsequent few weeks. it had been clear to all or any who witnessed their time together that Stephen and Ollie truly love each other .

“Her eyes soften when she sees him, and her little body wags. The love between man and dog is obvious , and that we at PCAS want to preserve this bond,” the shelter wrote during a Facebook update.

Finally, the day the pair had been expecting rolled around. On Thursday, July 29, Ollie was released from the clinic!

She isn't fully healed yet, but she is robust enough to spend the rest of her recovery reception with Stephen—with several follow-ups at PCAS along the way. Once she gets medical clearance, Ollie’s pals at the shelter will provide her with a crate so she will safely accompany Stephen to figure once more .

“Ollie means everything to me. Like I said, she’s my kid,” Stephen confided to ABC.

In addition to Dr. Glenn and therefore the Humane Society of Tampa Bay , PCAS credits a grant from Maddie’s Fund and a partnership with Human Animal Support Services with their ability to save lots of Ollie’s life.

Now Stephen can sleep soundly once more together with his beloved Ollie back by his side!

See their beautiful reunion within the video below.