Foster dad refuses to euthanize puppy born without front legs, decides to give him a second chance

 The poor pup was only four hours old when the vet said it would probably be for the best to euthanize him.

Nubby’s owner, however, made a decisive decision. Nobby had a rough start in life. He was born without front legs and it is difficult to go to his mother to feed. His mother accepted him, but Nubby’s siblings pushed him away so he couldn’t eat.

Most importantly, no matter how sad it is, the veterinarian thinks that it might be best if Nobby is put down. At that time, the small puppy was only four hours old. But Lou Robinson, from Texas, who along side husband Mark has adopted and cared for homeless and unwanted dogs throughout her life, wanted something different.

They quickly decided to defy the vet’s suggestion and lookout of Nobby themselves. Nobby followed Lou home. There, she and her husband watched over the dog around the clock. They gave him love, security and food through a bottle. “His eyes opened, his ears developed. you'll hear him bark, he could smell and recognize voices,” Loui Robinson told The Dodo.

When Nobby was almost a month old, he suddenly started sneezing. He could not poop, and little bubbles came out of his nose. Nobby was given antibiotics and placed in an incubator. Things looked grave – but Nobby clothed to possess a will and fighting a spirit that was out of the standard .

He didn't hand over. He fought. And as long as he had the prospect to possess an honest life, his foster parents fought to offer him that chance . Fortunately, Nobby got better over time. Today, three years later, this excellent little boy has shown that he's a true survivor. Sure, life poses some challenges for Nobby, but he has shown an entire world that anything we can achieve . What’s more, the Robinsons have created his own Facebook page, so people can follow his adventures.

He has grown into a strong dog. He likes to play, and he seems to be interested in life and everything in life. He even has his own little wheelchair, which makes it easier for him to urge around and play.


Nobby may be a real source of inspiration! Though he's not like everyone else, he’s proof that being different doesn't matter.

The vet thinks he should be put down, but with the help of Lou and Mark, Nobby has proven that everything is possible.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown August 15, 2021 at 11:06 AM

    You are such a lovely couple to give this dog a chance and it proves even though he has a disability he can still have a really happy life .


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