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Four Boys Save Skinny Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cords

 Wherever there is dark there is light, wherever there are villains there are heroes. That latter contrast was proven beyond doubt when four young ...

Dogs are great. They’re such loyal, wonderful animals that it's heart-breaking to listen to about anything bad happening to them. But unfortunately, there are many sad stories circulating the web about dogs in need. When it involves stray dogs, it’s next to impossible to not want to step in and help. which is how this story happened .

Four boys, Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin, and Andrew, all who come from Detroit, were helping a lady within their neighborhood enter a special part, once they found a dog who was engaged outside an abandoned house. When the boys got closer, it became apparent that the dog hadn’t eaten during a while , and she or he had been engaged using bungee cords.

It was clear that the poor dog had been abandoned, therefore the boys took off the bungee cords and freed the shy animal.

They gave her the name Sparkles before taking her home to at least one of their houses so as to urge her something to eat. They got her some bologna then called Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, the local shelter in their area, to inform them about Sparkles.

While they waited for somebody to return to them, the boys played with Sparkles. the small dog began to begin of her shell having been freed.

When the rescue team arrived, the boys weren't able to just hand her over and ditch Sparkles. Since that they had already bonded with Sparkles, they were reluctant to let her go without assurance that she would be ok.

They asked Detroit Pit Crew Rescue what exactly was getting to happen to Sparkles. Once they were convinced that Sparkles would be ok, they let the rescue team take her.

The rescue team from Detroit Pit Crew Rescue were worried that the dog may need mange, but after they did some tests at the vet’s, they were relieved to understand that she was negative. in order that they set to figure fixing her up, cleaning her and helping her placed on weight.

It wasn’t long until Sparkles was ready to find a replacement home. because of the Detroit Pit Crew Rescue and therefore the boys who initially rescued her, Sparkles has had an opportunity at being a loving and playful doggie in her forever home, where she is doing great and fitting in well. Hopefully within the future these boys will consider volunteering with animals. They’d be great at it. Glad that Sparkles is doing well and happy. She deserves it.