Four dogs came to a homeless man in the hospital: the dogs thanked their owner for caring for them

A homeless man named Cesar was taken to the Rio Hospital in Brazil South. The man was in a bad mood, and passers-by called an ambulance.

While Cesar was being examined by the doctors, four dogs were waiting outside the door. They were nervous and looked at the doctor. The dogs were well-groomed, clean and well-fed. The doctor didn’t understand where they were coming from initially, it clothed that each one 4 dogs were chasing the ambulance. They were worried about Cesar.

Cesar confirmed that these were his dogs, and he always tried to feed them. He picked up dogs on the road, and they became his family.

Cesar was helped many times to find a house, but he had to refuse. Dogs weren't allowed in homeless shelters, and he couldn't betray his friends and leave them on the road.

The hospital staff was so moved by this story that they fed the dogs. The gratitude of the dogs touched everyone. You can’t betray friends like that.

Cesar proved to be a noble man who saved 4 beautiful dogs. We hope this story will help him find a home!