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Heartbroken Dog Cries On Owner’s Grave - Inspirational Videos

 Dogs feel grief when people around them pass on , a bit like it happens to us humans. A wolfdog that was crying and searching overall devastated for the loss of somebody dear to him was caught on video and went viral.

Published on Pan American Day , 2013, by user “Sarah and therefore the Wolves,” the 9-seconds-long footage of the grieving wolfdog mourning over the grave of his owner’s grandmother has been viewed by quite 9 million people over the years.

The uploader was also the dog’s owner, as she writes within the video description, where she also explains that her pet, named Wiley, served as a therapy animal for war veterans, something that takes great empathy towards humans.

“We miss her too,” Sarah are often heard telling the dog from behind the camera, as Wiley is seen breathing heavily as if he was undergoing a terrible pain. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

According to Daily Mail, the video was also shared within the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center’s website, a specialized center for rescued wolfdogs and horses, that gives several programs to assist animals and therefore the community.

“Wolves and Warriors” is one among the better-known programs of the shelter, located in Ventura County, California.

The program has its own Animal Planet show, and consistent with the LARC website, it consists of veterans who rescue dogs and interact with them as how to heal from war trauma. Wiley is one among the dogs within the program.

“I believe your wolf is grieving. Once science advances enough for humans to know wolves and dogs better, i think that it'll prove dogs and wolves have an equivalent complex emotions and bonds that humans have.”