Injured Dog Is Stuck On Railroad Track For 2 Days But Her Loyal Brother Won’t Leave Her Side

 One clip even shows a train passing right on top of the two dogs.

A dog is a loyal animal, whether it is to the owner or to other people. Some dogs form an incredible connection with their canines. Sometimes, these bonds can even occur between dogs that are related by blood.

Like our Facebook page to urge more stories. That’s just the case with this brother and sister pair that visited incredible lengths to assist one another. In the video, the feminine dog, Lucy, is stuck to the railroad – a live railroad with trains still running over it. She was trapped for two days, but her brother Panda refused to leave her.

In one startling clip, you'll see a train run over the dogs, but the brother protectively lays with his sister and that they survive. In the past two days, the giant panda warmed her and brought her food. His efforts allowed them to survive until the couple might be rescued. This tragic incident took place in Ukraine. It was captured by a man named Dennis Malafiev who helped a regional shelter to rescue the dogs. Denis posted photos and videos of the rescue to his Facebook page.

For those that could also be wondering why Denis wasn't helping the dogs, it had been thanks to Panda’s protective nature. He will react positively to anyone who tries to approach them and will start biting to protect his sister's safety. Before the dog is in the state, it takes a lot of patience to allow people to compare with them and help them. Dennis wanted to point out how these dogs protect each other, and at the same time pay close attention to their endurance and rescue. Thankfully, the dogs were ready to be rescued in the end.

The rescuers also learned that the pups had gotten lost and their owner was trying to find them. After seeing a video of the pair on Facebook, the dogs’ owner came forward with their paperwork and was reunited with his beloved dogs. Lucy and Panda’s owner is so happy to possess them home again. It’s truly amazing and galvanizing the love and care the 2 siblings have for each other. Lucy Lucy and Panda are very loyal brothers and sisters, and they refuse to leave each other. We’re so glad they’ve recovered from their ordeal and are back home where they belong. Check out a video of the pair below!

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