Lost Dog Waits At Lonely Pier For His Family To Come Back.

 A dog accidently fell off a boat in the middle of the ocean. This poor creature, managed to paddled his way back to shore.

In Bangkok, Thailand, a touching Hollywood story happened.

A dog accidentally fell off the boat in the middle of the ocean. The poor creature managed to row back to the shore. Glide over sharks, waves, and occasional driftwood. A heroic and valiant feat that unto itself would have given him celebrity status.

Strangely, the story doesn’t stop there. This gorgeous animal has consolidated itself on the dock. Wandering, an outing in the day, passing through the pillars and buttresses of the pier. A constant sadness tortured his heart. On the lookout for his family. Sadly, they never returned. For over a month, she sat vigil and ramrod straight, staring off into the distant horizon checking out her beloved clan.

The situation seemed hopeless, and it had been already quite noticeable that her kin wouldn't return. Unless fate intervenes, this cute and loyal puppy will find his life fascinated by a mirage that may never become a reality. Fortunately, the fickle gambler's mistress decided to extend a helping hand to the puppy. Fortunately, a sort stranger had his heart besieged by the puppy’s affection.

Decided to adopt her and provide her with a permanent home near the pier. Watch their story below. He named her, in honor of her longing, Tha Ruea…, which suggests “Pier.”

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