Man Threatens To Drown Puppies, But A Woman And Her Dog Gave Them A Home

 She could’ve just easily rejected the puppies, but instead she acted as a surrogate for them.

She received some shocking news in her e-mail. Someone informed her of an area man who didn’t want his Pit Bull puppies anymore, and was threatening to drown the pups if nobody comes forward to need them. There have been nine PitBull puppies, and that they were only around four-weeks-old.

in collaboration another rescue organization, the Circle L. Ranch quickly rescued the puppies. The opposite rescue org took four of the puppies, and then the remaining five pups visited the Circle L. Ranch. Deborah brought the pups to a mother dog that they only recently rescued from the Pinal County Shelter. The mother dog has two 6-day-old pups of her own, and Deborah hoped that the mother would also nurse the five pups. Thankfully, the mother dog welcomed the pups and treated them as if they were her own. She could’ve just easily rejected the puppies, but instead she acted as a surrogate for them.

Deborah wrote on Facebook: “When I came we introduced the runt to her, she sniffed him and licked him, we placed him down on her nipples and he started eating directly. SheShe is very satisfied with it, seems very happy. So one by one we brought within the others, she accepted all of them.” Deborah added, “She is that the best mom. Although the new five are older they're smaller than her two. So glad they're nursing.”

Five puppies used this rescue dog and her two puppies to find an alternative family. These chews contain our best quality Cannanine™ CBD oil, which is a super easy-to-administer form that dogs love!

Thank you very much Deborah and other people in the rescue community, who united and saved many of these poor puppies. These beautiful babies are going to be cared for, and once they grow old , they’ll be neutered/spayed, and can be up for adoption. Hopefully, they're going to all find loving families who will give them a forever home.

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