Man Travels 1,000 Miles Searching For His Beloved Stolen Dog

A Texas resident named Dara Prak loved his dog Titan very much all over the world. Praker got the Titans when he was still a puppy.

One day, tragedy struck. Titan vanished from Park's backyard, and Park found his collar lying on the bottom. Because of that, Park suspected that he had been kidnapped. Prak posted about his beloved dog’s disappearance on his Facebook page, hoping that somebody would have information that would help him. Plaque also frequently visits his shelter in Houston, Texas. He kept Titan’s collar and leash in his car in the least times just in case.

After three months, Park began to lose hope that he would ever see his beloved dog again. But at this moment, he received a shocking call. A shelter in South Carolina called him and asked if he was missing a dog. When he said yes, they said that they had found an abused, skinny dog walking along the road.

When they scanned his microchip, it revealed his true identity. “I got that call and knew. I just knew I had to urge to South Carolina,” Park told ABC News. “It was about 16 hours with stops. I just can’t wait to ascertain him. I can’t wait to ascertain him. We’re getting to be back together. He’s home. He’s my baby.”

Praker and his girlfriend jumped into the car and drove to South Carolina at the fastest speed. As soon as they arrived, it was time to reunite, which Prak had been dreaming of for months. “I never lost hope find him,” said Prak. “I just didn’t realize it would be in South Carolina.”

Now, Titan is happily back range in Houston, and he’s starting to heal from his injuries. Prak is happy to bring his allies home. He’s also glad that he had Titan microchipped—without the microchip, he may haven't seen Titan again.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who kidnapped Titan. However, one thing is certain: Titan and his father returned to his place, and his father loved him very much. We’re so happy they’re back together again! To learn more about Park and Titan, check out the video below! Please SHARE this with your friends and family.

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