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“Nobody needs them”: the boy takes only old dogs from the shelter, which nobody wants to take into the family

 8-year-old Robbie’s life before he met his foster parents was filled with sadness and humiliation. He was beaten and psychologically abused from birth. Maria and Charles Gaye adopted Robbie three years ago, taking him from care .

The couple always had animals in their home, and recently they started taking older dogs from the shelter, which are rarely of interest to people that need a pet.

It was this incontrovertible fact that really brought the family closer together. It clothed that the boy was very touched by the kindness and genuine care of his current parents.

The child explained that he understands how lucky he's to satisfy Mary and Charles, because most of the people want to adopt a baby and adult children hardly have an opportunity to seek out loving parents.

When Robbie became a full member of the family, they brought in an woman dog, Buffy. at some point she was taken to a clinic to possess tartar cleaned and a damaged tooth faraway from her.

But the veterinarian said that the anesthesia would kill the animal, and from the analyses it became clear that the old bitch had irreversible changes in her kidneys.

According to the doctor, things will only worsen within the future and it'll be most merciful to assist the bitch to not suffer.

The upset spouses decided to not hide from their son that they might soon lose Buffy. Mary immediately visited school for the boy. She was touched by how seriously he reacted to the bitter news.

Robbie told his mother that he wanted his Buffy to travel to the Dog Rainbow without suffering or pain. He knows it's sad for those that want to remain alive and hug their pet in their final moments.

The parents complied together with his request, all of them accompanied the animal on his last journey. the lady shared pictures online of her son touchingly hugging Buffy and told her story. She wrote that despite the difficult experience, her son may be a miracle, he features a big heart and knows the way to be compassionate.

Once the boy said to Mary, regardless of how long we love something, the facility of affection doesn't depend upon it. When the lady asked him to clarify his thoughts, Robbie replied that they need only known one another for a couple of years, but he felt her love as if he were her own son and not adopted.

This story spread through the media early last year. Robbie continues to support adult animals, he's a volunteer with a community organization and his example has inspired many.

Somehow, the family acknowledged that 25 older animals were taken from shelters during the day.

The young activist hopes that folks will become kinder not only to adult pets, but also to children and therefore the elderly.

The boy is certain that when he grows up and becomes independent, he will certainly add adult children to the family. within the meantime, he and his family have taken in six adult dogs.