Owners Abandoned Puppy At Vet Clinic Because She Was ‘Paralyzed’

The owner of a 6-week-old puppy took her to the district veterinarian and claimed that she was paralyzed. They didn’t want her and immediately signed the puppy over to the vet clinic to be euthanized and left. The small furball was on death house, and hope looked bleak.

However, the veterinarian decided to try several tests first to ensure that the puppy was indeed paralyzed, so the results gave Xiao Maoqi hope. She wasn't paralyzed but had a severe case of hypoglycemia. “Maybe they weren’t feeding her enough.” the vet told The Dodo.

After a couple of IV’s, the small pup stood on her own and began her journey to recovery. Within a couple of days, she was standing, walking and eating on her own. The veterinary clinic contacted a California rescue organization called Hand in Paw, so the founder Piperwood agreed to worry about the puppy (now called Bella) until he found a permanent home.


A few weeks ago, forever home became Bella’s reality, and she showed her naughty side for the first time. Up until now, she has been timid and hasn’t had tons of confidence. But when she was in the door, she started twiddling with numerous toys and eventually acting sort of puppy. We wish Bella an extended happy life!

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