Sad Pup Who Only Knew Neglect Thrives With Just A Little Love

 Sad Pup Who Only Knew Neglect Thrives With Just A Little Love

Lauren Buckley may be an old friend and foster caretaker of the Brown Dog League in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Her story originally appeared on and reposted here with her permission.

Meerkat pups take a nap with their siblings after playing for hours “Months ago, on Christmas Eve , I used to be scrolling through Facebook once I saw a post about two abandoned dogs. The man who found the dogs (and whom we later named Lainey and Frankie) was begging for help.

He found them in a ditch not far from home and didn't know what to do with them. Although we plan to travel during the New Year, we know that we must help these dogs. We continued to take them home and held our breath for the next 36 hours until our veterinarian opened the door-we were worried that Lenny would die of the infection.

She looks like an alien creature. She stunk, she couldn’t see, and she or he bled everywhere our couch.

To our delight, Lainey not only survived, but thrived in our home. With the help of frequent veterinary visits, antibiotics, ivermectin and medicated bath twice a week, her infection began to disappear.

Her hair grew back, and her spirit was revived. Then we learned who the important Lenny is: a funny and caring girl who has never had the hope of becoming a puppy.puppy. It had been finally her time to enjoy life as a true dog! Strictly what she did and continues to try to to .

Four months flew by and before we knew it, our once stinky, swollen foster dog was able to find her forever family. The timing couldn’t are more serendipitous as an honest friend of ours, Kelly, was trying to find a companion.

We are ecstatic to findout she was curious about Lainey and had been following our pictures and posts about her progress. After sending additional details, pictures, and videos, Kelly and her husband, Larry, were smitten and that we began arranging her adoption.

Lainey, now Luna, lives a spoiled life in Georgia with her parents and three cat siblings. We couldn't have asked for a far better life for her.

We’d also wish to take the time to mention many thanks to Brown Dog Coalition out of Hopkinton, MA. They answered that our Christmas Eve involved helping and purchased all her veterinary care. They rescue countless dogs and cats from southern states annually, many with major medical needs, and never spare any cost. they're a fantastic group of individuals who we are extremely grateful to understand and work alongside with.”

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