Scared Pitbull Rescued Off Street Refuses To Sleep Only Feels Safe Sleeping In Cardboard Box

Adopting a dog is usually a rewarding experience. The dog becomes a part of your family, and watching a dog blossom and grow into the happiest version of themselves is usually wonderful.

An important thing to recollect about rescue dogs is that they often accompany stories. Many dogs in shelters were abandoned, neglected, and some, sadly, were even physically abused. Because of this, it's hard for them to trust strangers. However, many dogs have learned to like again. Kristina Rinaldi, the chief director of the Detroit Dog Rescue Organization, wrote a fanatical message for the dogs they rescued. She told the story of a pit bull mix named Captain.

In a lengthy Facebook post, she began with this: People often worry about adopting a rescue dog, because they tell us that we can’t change their past, and that they are right. We can’t change their past. We can’t fix that they were dumped, they were discarded, they were mistreated, and that they distrusted at one point in their life. We can’t fix the nights they were left in the rain, the days that they had to seek refuge and sleep on cold concrete, and that they will probably always remember what it felt wish to be hungry numerous nights during a row.

In her post, she shared a photo of the captain in a cardboard box. At first glance, you might think that this is usually a photo of the captain when they first spotted it. But it's not. In fact, it's an image of him in the rescue’s care.

The rescue is unsure of Captain’s past. Was he misused? Was he left on the streets? The sole certainty they knew was he's about 2 years old. In their care, he was fed, had any medical needs attended, and was given a secure space to sleep. But Captain didn’t want to sleep during a bed. The captain only slept comfortably in a cardboard box.

Captain, the dog below, was rescued from the streets of Detroit. Every night, what he wants before going to bed may be a cardboard box. This cardboard box, or whatever size box we've at the time, is that the only way he’ll sleep, because it’s the sole way he’s ever slept to feel safe.

Kristina was passionate to share not only Captain’s story, but explain the love and dedication her rescue organization has for each single animal that comes through their doors. After browsing so much, the poor captain needs a lot of advice when going home. The captain received a Detroit dog rescue at the end of 2016, and then he received a year of training at K9 Turbo Training, which helped him deal with many fears.

Finally, in June 2018, Captain was able to attend a foster home! The captain has done a good job in his family. He stayed there for more than a year and learned the way to accept his family and let himself be loved.

Now, Captain is not listed under ‘adoptable dogs’ under Detroit Dog Rescue’s website. And so, it seems clear that he's now in his forever home! We’re so glad Detroit Dog Rescue helped Captain and spent such a lot time training him. It’s all paid off now. Please share with your friends and family.

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