Stray Dog Is Too Scared To Trust Humans And Hides Under Her Rescuer’s Legs

The dog was so frightened and timid that she hid under her rescuer's legs. But it wasn't long after her rescue that she let her vibrant personality shine bright!

When Dusty Showers and Dan Marrero began to help, an abandoned and neglected dog had been living in a burnt-down house in the woods for several months.assist. After several rescue attempts, they returned at some point to make sure that the tiny laboratory mixture was finally sitting in their crate.

The dog looked very angry and kept barking at Dusty, but when she was released from the cage, the situation was completely different. Shirley was very timid and scared, she tried to hide under his lap. She hopes to learn to trust humans all over the world again.

Shortly after, Shelly went on to be fostered by Diane Adams where she learned the ins and outs of a traditional dog life. Now, she’s in her new forever home with Bonnie Coffey living life under her new name — Kiya! The great transformation of this dog.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown August 20, 2021 at 12:04 PM

    How do I get to adopt a small dog im lost without my girl who died in February I need to have another's dog that I can love as much as I loved my cass


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