Terrified shepherd scared of everything has been at shelter for more than a month and now on list to die

Oso is on the euthanasia list at the Riverside Animal Shelter. Sadly, he had a very difficult time in the mental hospital. His shelter advocate said that the five-year-old shepherd dog was terrified and terrified of everything.

“Oso is extremely quiet and features a calm, gentle demeanor. It breaks our hearts knowing he's so scared…,” volunteers posted on social media hoping to assist find a secure place so as to save lots of his life. Check out his video here:

PetHarbor adopts the list: I am a sterile male, a mix of tan and white sheepdogs. I am estimated to be about 5 years old. I have been at the shelter since 07/29/2021 Email: adoptions@rivco.org or shelterinfo@rivco.org

Phone : 951-358-7387 RESCUES: Rescue desk: 951-358-7302 Email : transferDAS@rivco.org Shelter address: 6851 Van Buren Boulevard Riverside, California 92509 From Monday to Saturday, 10-4, 1:00 to 3:30 pm, there will be no appointment for adoption and a welcome meeting. Adoption fees are supported length of stay: 1-15 days $105 16-30 days $55 For more than 30 days, all dogs listed as needing rescue can be adopted with signed behavior or medical exemption for as little as $20.


Please share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Succeed rescue, contacts here. Please refer to #A1393392 when making enquiries.

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