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The dog blocked the way of the ambulance, the nurse tried to drive it away, but the dog stubbornly returned .

 Dogs are true friends. they're going to not leave in trouble, in poverty and disease, won't betray, and can not trade for a more successful person. For the sake of the owner, the dog is prepared to offer its life. This story was told by a nurse who worked in an ambulance.

The ambulance was coming from the decision , the weather that day wasn't excellent , there have been many calls. Suddenly the driving force bogged down . On the road sat a gorgeous dog. It wasn’t scared of the car love it was expecting an ambulance. the driving force signaled, the dog didn't move.

Over the years, doctors have seen tons of labor within the ambulance, but this has never happened before. One nurse came out and tried to drive the dog out of the way. It got up and walked to the side of the road, but the dog didn’t run away.

The nurse returned, as soon as he came the car, the dog returned to its place. People were surprised, then an equivalent nurse decided to travel out and approach the dog. It didn’t run away. The dog just got up and walked towards the bushes, looking back, as if to see if a person was following it.

The nurse suddenly stopped and commenced to call colleagues. When the brigade came, they saw that an elderly man was lying unconscious near the bushes. it had been evident that he lost consciousness and felt bad. the person was transferred into a car and brought to hospital. The dog ran after them.

In the hospital, it clothed that the person had a stroke. because it happens, the person went for a walk with the dog, he felt bad and he fell. If the dog hadn’t stopped the ambulance, the doctors wouldn’t are ready to save the person .

All this point the dog lived at the walls of the hospital. The owner’s wife couldn't take it home. The dog resisted, struggled, even growled. The couple’s son was ready to pacify It, put the dog within the car, and took it home. But only a couple of hours passed and therefore the dog returned to the hospital.

The medical staff was delighted with the dog’s loyalty. it had been fed, stroked, and soothed. The wife of the patient resigned herself and each day brought food to a faithful friend. When the person was transferred from the medical care unit to the standard ward, the doctors allowed the family to go to the person . the top doctor was persuaded by everyone and he agreed to let the dog into the space .

Everyone was happy. The dog whined and caressed, the owner cried and stroked his faithful friend, even the medical staff cry . Since then, the person began to recover faster. He often visited the window and looked out, talked to the dog, tried to travel outside as soon as possible to ascertain a lover .

Such loyalty and love amazed everyone!