The most loyal friend: the dog swam to the shore for 11 hours to save his owner

The sheepdog was seen by a fisherman in Moreton Bay. He pulled it out of the water and immediately contacted the Coast Guard.

This is a touching story, and we want to share it with you. What happened once again proved that the dog is the most loyal and loyal friend. In Australia, a fisherman noticed that a shepherd dog was trying to swim to the shore. A box of fishing tackle floats near the dog, and a diving suit can be seen in the distance. He helped the dog out and commenced to call the coast guard.

It was clear that there was a disaster: a ship capsized somewhere. At this moment, a whole team of rescuers gathered together. The dog was taken to the shore, but it kept whining into the water.

The search operation lasted several hours and thank God everything ended well — the person was found. He was holding on to the overturned boat, which was already quietly sinking to the rock bottom. The injured said that he lost control of the boat and since of the sudden movement, he and then the dog were thrown in several directions. But most of all, everyone was struck by how the dog was ready to swim for therefore long in search of help for its owner. And he, in turn, really hoped that everything would be alright with the pet.

It is worth noting that this is often not the main known case of a dog being rescued. The shepherd has joined the ranks of true tail heroes. Since it was later put on clothes, consistent with the rescuer's report, the dog swam for 11 hours to help his friend.