This 'heartbroken' dog ran away from home everyday to visit his dead owner's grave

 A loyal dog in Turkey was obviously very saddened by his owner’s death, that he often went missing from home, yet no one knew where he fled to, until one day.

The story begins when Ismail Ozturk, a Turkish man, found an abandoned one-week-old puppy and took it home, and named it Zozo. The dog loved Ozturk deeply, as he treated Zozo with great affection.

On February 10, 2014, Ozturk gave up the ghost and Zozo was greatly saddened by his owner’s death.

Zozo's family noticed that the dog was often far away from home and only came back later, but did not know where it went.

One day, Ismail Ozturk's son, Zafer Ozturk, visited his father’s grave to pay respects and noticed “something” lying on top of it. It was Zuo Zuo who missed his late master very much. The family later admitted that Zuo Zuo went to visit the grave far away from home every day.

According to Neusner, the family said that Zozo’s love for his late owner helped them to beat their own grief.

What a delicate dog, what a loyal dog, you can see from the way he pays homage to the lover who takes him in.

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