Two Terrified Stray Pups Clung To Each Other With Swollen Bellies

This story tells the story of two helpless cubs who were found wandering in the street with bulging stomachs. The content of an important blood protein called albumin is very low because they are malnourished.

Thankfully, the two dogs were found just in time by the rescuers, who took them to a vet clinic. These dogs are totally afraid of humans because they have never been in contact with humans before. So, they only stared at one wall and hugged the other side.

But at the top, the veterinarian checked the cubs and they knew they were suffering from anemia due to malnutrition and ticks. This means that the dog will want to receive intensive treatment, including blood transfusions.

After sedating the puppies, the veterinarian will drain fluid from their swollen abdomen so that they will not feel pain, because this is a very dangerous process.

Thankfully, it worked well, so the puppy finally woke up Had a traditional meal. They now love their caretakers, and can be available for adoption once they are completely healed. What a cheerful ending! Watch the video below.

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