Water-Loving Pittie Can’t Get Enough of Her Family’s Swimming Pool

 Even when Pearl is only let out the back door to do her business, she immediately leaps straight into the pool and begins splashing around.

While most dogs are naturally ready to swim, it’s less common for them to be found in swimming pools! except for Pearl, the pittie, she loves nothing quite heading out into the rear yard and diving straight into her family’s outdoor pool.

Even though Pearl just let go of the back door to try to deal with her, she immediately jumped directly into the pool and started splashing around. Then, she asks her human to throw her ball deep to make her jump, while she or he just likes to play throwing and catching in the swimming pool.

After coming out of the swimming pool at the request of her humans, Pearl sat patiently and took a soap bath before returning to the house. However, as you can see from the video, she believes that adding soap is an indispensable part of the game time! Instead of waiting to be rinsed with clean water, the pearl dives directly back into the water!

When her humans finally managed to drive the pearls out of the pool and dry them, she was in a bad mood for a while. Because swimming in the pool is her favorite thing in the world, she’s mad at her owners for creating her get out when she might be having such a lot fun. And after giving her human puppy dog eyes until she gets her way, Pearl is thrilled when she’s allowed back to the yard to travel swimming! With a toy in her mouth and a leap in her step, Pearl waits at the rear door until it’s opened for her to bound back to the pool.

And given how cute Pearl the water pittie is, I’m unsurprised that her humans struggle to mention no to her when she’s determined to urge outside and into the water! To keep up with Pearl, you'll follow her on Tik Tok.

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