Brave Blind Dog Saves Drowning Girl After Hearing Her Screaming For Help

 Norman Is such a beautiful dog he is truly a guardian angel!

We all know dogs are considered man’s closest and best companions through centuries. Thethe fact that there are many incredible stories of dogs saving the lives of humans, so it’s easy to urge a couple of stories that demonstration their courage and loyalty. This story is a good example of the role of rescue dogs in saving lives. And what makes this story even more incredible is that this dog is blind! Meet Norman, a courageous yellow Labrador retriever who saved the lifetime of a woman named Lisa Nibbley from drowning within the deep ocean.

Norman was abandoned by his previous owner and then taken to an animal shelter. Fortunately, the day before he was scheduled to be euthanized, some people named Annette and Steve McDonald rescued him from the asylum.


Soon after bringing Norman home, the couple noticed that he had vision problems. They took him to the veterinarian and discovered that he had retinal atrophy, an incurable genetic disease that can cause blindness.


After a couple of years, Norman went permanently blind, but his blindness didn’t hold him back. He has adapted well to his situation and is still ready to run and play like another dog of his age. Then, as Norman was walking along with his owner Annette on the beach, they saw the small girl Lisa Nibley within the water crying for help. At that moment, this hero dog knew exactly what he had to try to do .

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