Devastated Dog Desperately Tries To Dig Into His Owner's Tomb

Faithful dog tries to look for its late owner by digging into the man's tomb

There is no doubt that the dog is one of the most loyal creatures on the planet, and this story fully proves this.completely. The dog during this story was heartbroken after his owner died within the county of Fuping, Shaanxi, in China and tried to probe his tomb after he was buried.

Huzi, the 12-year-old dog, refused to go away and wouldn't stop digging into his owner's tomb, consistent with the man's daughter. Grandpa Wu, who passed away due to illness, lived with the tiger who had not forgotten his master for a long time.


You can see in the video below the dog started crying once they visited the tomb! He also refused to go away it. Being so loyal, Huzi refused to drink or eat for an entire 3 days after the death of Wu! He started eating again as soon as he had visited the grave! How loyal! Watch the video below.

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