Dog Chained Outside Of Slaughterhouse Reaches Paw Out To Stranger

An American Eskimo dog was found chained up outside of a meat store in north-eastern China’s Jilin Province.

And because passersby were passing by, the dog stretched out a paw, as if asking for help. This precious act would be the thing to save lots of her life.

The stranger took the sad dog from the metal frame to which she was tethered and rescued her from the slaughterhouse.

It’s thought that the dog, now named Yuan Yuan, was once a family pet and was stolen and sold off to the meat store. A dog raising its paw to someone in this way may be a good indicator.

Yuan Yuan was adopted by an animal lover in a region. Since then, he has been happily measured. He is now a healthy pet with a huge personality and smiles at everyone she meets!

The owner released her rescue video on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok, so as to boost awareness and involve stronger animal abuse laws within the country.