Dog Has Watched 941 Shelter Animals Get Adopted While She Waits For A Home

While She Waits For A Home, This Dog Has Witnessed 941 Animals Being Adopted From A Shelter

Sue was rescued on August 22, 2017, when she was just a touch puppy and brought in by the RSPCA’s Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Everyone figured it wouldn’t take long to urge the sweet puppy adopted, but unfortunately they were wrong.

That was four years ago, and today Su still looks forward to her coming home forever. Ever since she was rescued when she was a puppy, Sue spent most of her life in the shelter. She was adopted once in 2018, but was unfortunately returned when her new family’s circumstances changed. She’s such a sweet dog, and nobody at the shelter can find out why she’s still waiting.

“We’re at a loss on why poor Sue hasn’t been rehomed,” Rachel Jones, the chief executive of Bathing Cats and Dogs Home, said during a handout . “We all absolutely adore her and love taking her out for long walks and giving her many attention, but we’re wanting to find her house .”

Since she came to the shelter, Su has witnessed 941 other shelter residents being adopted. Everyone keeps hoping that one among lately, a family will rehearse the shelter doors and choose Sue, but it hasn’t happened yet. Sue does have a couple of behavioral issues, but she’s been doing incredibly well with her training, and everybody at the shelter is confident that she will keep making progress wherever she goes.

“Sue may be a sweet and clever pup who can get a touch overexcited sometimes, so would enjoy owners who can continue her training,” Jones said. “She is extremely affectionate and likes to curl on the sofa with you also as become involved during a good game together with her toys! She likes to meet new pals, but would be best because the only pet within the home, and that we think she’d suit an adult-only home. She’s an ingenious pup who has already mastered basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘paw,’ but would definitely be ready to devour more. She is happy to entertain herself, but really likes the alternate owner that often appears in the beginning.time. SheShe sometimes feels overwhelmed at home, so she needs a quiet space to relax. We’d also like her to possess a secure garden.”

Sue has made many friends at the asylum, and they like to do their best to pet her day after day-but they know that in the end, everything she needs is to find a suitable home forever.

“It is time that she makes a clean slate with a stunning new family who can finally show her the love and security that she deserves,” Jones said.

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