Faithful Dog Insists On Staying By His Owner’s Side As She's Laid To Rest

"A tremendous example of loyalty"

Last week, Maria Isabel Benites Chamba was laid to rest at age 95 in Ecuador. Chamba’s family and friends were attending to pay their respects at her funeral — but one attendee especially insisted on doing even more.

It was Chamba’s beloved dog, Bumper. Until the end, he refused to leave her side. During the awakening period of Chamb organized by Funeraria Santa Rosa, Bumer kept it convenient-even if he did what he did while she was still alive. “You could see the loyalty and affection that existed between her and her dog,” a spokesperson for the funeral parlor told The Dodo. “He was always there together with his owner.”

When the ceremony ended, a procession formed to follow Chamba’s coffin to the cemetery. Number, of course, insisted on coming, too. “He circled the hearse before hopping aboard as if to mention , ‘I want to travel and say goodbye to my mom,’” The funeral home spokesperson said. "A tremendous example of loyalty." Bumper was heartbroken — but therein moment, his immense love for Chamba was clear for all to find out.

Chamba may have passed, but Bumer's faithfulness lives on. Hopefully, in time, his broken heart will begin to heal — but that's a process he won't need to face alone. According to the funeral parlor, the small dog was last seen in the warm company of Chamba's family, united in their remembrance of the person they loved so dearly.

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