Heroic Dog Saves Missing 93-Year-Old Woman, Named South Korea’s First-Ever Honorary Rescue Dog

 When his elderly owner went missing and passed out in the cold, loyal dog Baekgu stayed by her side the whole time, saving her life by keeping her warm.

Now, this heroic dog has been given an incredible honor. Good boy, Baekgu

Dogs are incredible animals. They’re smart and constant, and always willing to assist their owners out once they are in peril. Having an honest dog by your side can save your life. It's like a dog rescued his owner, a 93-year-old woman with Alzheimer's, after she disappeared-and won a great honor in his native South Korea.

Baekgu, a four-year-old dog, had a rough start to life. He was abandoned by his original family, and his new owners took him in after saving him from an attack by another dog, consistent with The Korean Times.

But recently, when this rescue dog became a rescuer, the white dog returned his favor in a huge way. Beakgu’s owner may be a 93-year-old woman with dementia, and in August she went missing from her home. Her family filed a missing persons report, and the photo showed her wandering far away from the village. Hours passed with no sign of her, and everybody was deeply worried about the woman’s safety.

It clothed the elderly woman had fallen unconscious during a rice field, over a mile far away from home, and was losing body heat in the cold, rainy weather. Luckily, she wasn’t alone — Baekgu stayed by her side the whole time, helping to stay her safe and warm. The dog’s loyalty likely saved her life. Not only did he keep her from succumbing to hypothermia, but he led to rescuers finally finding her, 40 hours after she went missing. Consistent with The Korea Times, a drone’s thermal camera detected the dog, leading them to her location. The drone didn't detect the woman’s body heat, because her temperature had dropped.

It’s safe to mention that if the lady was on her own, things would’ve ended tragically. Thankfully, Baekgu was there to save lots of the day. Baekgu was praised as a hero, especially by the woman’s family, who felt the dog was repaying the family for saving him years ago.

“Baekgu especially liked my mother, and it’s as if Baekgu returned our favor,” said Shim Geum-sun, the elderly woman’s daughter, consistent with CNN. “I was so concerned as mom went missing for hours thanks to the rainy weather … I’m grateful and Baekgu is our family.” Baekgu wasn’t only praised as a hero by his family — he got a politician honor from the South Chungcheong Provincial Government.

He became South Korea’s first-ever “honorary rescue dog,” a newly-enacted title honoring animals who save lives. Baekgu’s story was credited with inspiring people everywhere the country. “At a difficult time thanks to Covid-19, Baekgu created a fantastic miracle and moved everyone,” said Gov. Yang Seung-jo, consistent with CNN.

Baekgu may be a true hero for saving his owner’s life when she needed him most. We’re so glad this loyal dog has been granted such a tremendous honor.