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Kind Strangers Save 160-Pound Dog After Tragic Hit-And-Run

His dad sat beside him and cried out for someone to help.

 Not all heroes wear capes. While some families might shy away at the sight of tragedy, one couple turned toward it and saved the day. Merlin, the 160-pound Irish wolfhound , was the victim of a hit-and-run in South Carolina. His dad, Zachary Corrado, sat beside him and cried out for somebody to assist .

Drew Kreiling and his wife Sharon Chuduakowski-Kreiling happened to be within the right place at the proper time. They saw the dog get struck by a vehicle, in order that they drove over and blocked the road to guard him. Then, they went above and beyond to offer the dog the medical aid and funds he needed.

Corrado often walked Merlin on the beach without a leash, as it’s allowed there. No problems had ever occurred before this incident. But that night, when Merlin saw a fox, he was gone. Corrado tried to urge his dog to settle down , but Merlin was within the road before he could stop him.

A truck hit Merlin, braked for a flash , on the other hand sped off. Drew and Sharon witnessed the horrific event and sped to Corrado and Merlin as quickly as they might . The dog was in critical condition and had low odds of surviving. But Corrado, an entire stranger to the couple, searched at them and begged for help. He said Merlin was his ally and he couldn’t let him die.

As fellow dog parents, the couple knew how important this was. Other bystanders came to assist as Corrado applied pressure to the wound. With quick-thinking, Drew and Sharon helped get Merlin into the rear of a pickup and called the closest vet for help.

“I knew time was of the essence. You know, I didn’t know if this dog was getting to live, to be honest with you,” said Sharon.

Thanks to the assistance of the many kind strangers, Corrado, Drew, and Sharon were on their thanks to the Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand. Thankfully, they got all green lights on the way there, and that they made it as Merlin continued to fight for his life.

Vets need to work on Merlin’s conditions, but ultimately, the quick-thinking saved his life. At the hospital, they essentially had to rebuild his leg and put a plate in his shoulder. But a minimum of he are going to be ready to walk again after this tragic incident.

“He had a plate, a pin put through his whole humerus, 16 screws and two wires to carry the entire thing together,” Corrado said. “It took upwards of six hours with two surgeons and two assistants.”

Procedures like that are anything but cheap though. Corrado had to reach his credit cards just to hide the $9,500 fees. But Sharon and Drew stopped by the vet often to see in on Merlin, and that they could see what proportion Corrado was willing to offer up for his dog. So, the couple created a Facebook fundraiser that raised enough funds for him to pay off his debt.

Merlin is now doing well and healing a day . No human should ever escape after hurting an innocent dog, but Corrado learned a lesson too. Keeping your dog leashed is vital , regardless of how well-behaved your canine is. Corrado and Merlin are going to be more cautious within the future to make sure that something like this never happens again.