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Nobody Wanted To Adopt Bonded Dogs Together, But One Photo Caught People’s Eye

 Nobody Wanted To Adopt Bonded Dogs Together, But One Photo Caught People’s Eye

A Boxer named Buster and a Chihuahua named Little Miss are 2 bonded dogs who were enduring adversity on the streets of Arizona. The starving homeless pair was desperately clinging to every other when the rescuers found them. But even after being delivered to a shelter, they refused to abandoning of every other!

The staff at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control soon realized that tiny Miss and Buster needed each other’s company to survive. However, they also knew the probabilities of two dogs getting adopted together were pretty slim. That’s once they made an attempt to succeed in bent the area people through social media.

In a series of images posted on the shelter’s social media, Little Miss was seen adorably perched on Buster’s back while the duo posed for the camera. The shelter hoped that somebody would fall crazy with the two best friends, but they never expected their story to travel viral across the internet!

Due to an overflow of adoption applications, the shelter eventually used a lucky draw to select a California family as Buster and tiny Miss’ new parents. The duo has now begun their new lives renamed as Charlie and Libby, and that they even have another doggie brother to play with! We are so thrilled they finally have a home together!