Owner Ties His Dog To Neighbor's Tree in the Middle of the Night With Note and Then Leaves Town

 'Please take care of Lincoln or find him a good home. I trust you with my baby. I’m sorry.'

Dogs would never leave their humans and don’t understand how the people they love can leave them behind. Sadly, we are facing uncertain times due to the coronavirus, which often happens all over the world.

There has been an increase in the number of surrenders and shelters in shelters across the country, but fortunately, people have stepped up to help foster care. However, some shelters are still overwhelmed with abandoned pets thanks to people losing their jobs or out of fear. Dogs and cats are proven to scale back stress, so the last item people should do is abandon them.

A man in Orlando, Florida, tied his brown and white pit bull to his neighbor’s tree in the middle of the night and left town. WithinThe next morning, the neighbor found a sweet bulldog with a mouth lying next to a handwritten note. The note read, “I am leaving to California to be with my mother and brother during this pandemic. Please pay attention to Lincoln or find him an honest home. I trust you with my baby. I’m sorry.”

The neighbor couldn't keep this cute boy, so she bent down The Pitti Party of Central Florida (TPPCF). Mayson Jones, a volunteer at the rescue, picked up Lincoln and brought him back to her house.

In order to distract the dog from looking for its owner, she played hide-and-seek with him in her backyard. Lincoln had a blast and sported the most important smile. ThanksThanks to things, the rescue needs someone to raise Lincoln until they find out once they can legally adopt him.

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