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Starving Pit Bull Found Chained To Tree Becomes The Sweetest Dog

 Bless this man for rescuing this pittie and bless this couple for adopting and loving this sweet fur baby

A Pit Bull found chained to a tree outside abandoned home has made an interesting recovery because of her rescuers.

Officer Nick, with Fulton County Animal Control in Georgia found the dog after responding to a call. Her neck was badly cut from the chain wound tightly round her neck and she or he was starving. The dog immediately cried out when she saw him, so grateful to ascertain someone.

Her eyes were pleading with him for help and her tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

Officer Nick gave her food and comforted her before grabbing some bolt cutters to free her.

Taking her back to the shelter, the staff reached bent Jason Platt, founding father of Hell Bull rescue Friends To The Forlorn.

Zoe (named Cammy by rescuers at the time) gave Jason a cuddle the instant she saw him.

Jason took her immediately to the vet where they treated her. The video below shows Nick coming to Zoe’s rescue and her subsequent rescue by Jason.

While at the vets, Zoe was so relieved and happy she wouldn’t stop licking people’s faces. She knew she was finally around “good people”.


For the subsequent 7 months she went into care where she gained weight and recovered and therefore the moment her new family saw her before and after picture they knew they wanted to offer her a forever home.

Zoe became a gorgeous dog and her new family says she may be a quiet, mellow dog. She gets along side everyone and loves doggie daycare. It’s heartbreaking to ascertain the video of how she was found, knowing she nearly died abandoned, starving and alone. But Zoe is that the happiest dog now and that’s what matters.

Watch the video below to ascertain her transformation from that poor starving dog to the sweetest one.



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  1. These sick cruel cowards who continue to hurt animals should have the same treatment done to them. This cruelty to all animals must be STOPPED.

  2. and ppl think it's bad to abandon a dog. Worse to purposely tie it to starve. It's an evil world.

    1. Absolutely. When do we begin in Congress?

  3. Why is it that I see this tragedy happening to pitbulls so often. Is that a testament to the kind of people who want a fighting dog?


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