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Three-Legged Rescue Dog Visits Late Friends’ Graves Every Single Day

 It’s a beautiful story that shows how real the love between animals can be, and how dogs can have such complex emotions like people do.

It’s amazing how emotionally intelligent dogs are often . They’re ready to form real loving friendships with people and other animals… and appear to know when a beloved passes away.

And a bit like people, dogs can even undergo their own grieving process. That was the case for one dog, who showed his loyalty even after his friends had passed on by visiting their graves a day .

Tricycle may be a three-legged retriever rescue who lives at Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary in Mineral Bluff, Georgia.

Living within the farm sanctuary, Tricycle has always had many other animals to be friends with. The rescue takes altogether sorts of special-needs animals, from dogs to llamas and alpacas.

One of the primary animals he formed a bond with was another dog named Major, a St. Bernard/mastiff mix.

Sadly, Major gave up the ghost in 2016, and Tricycle appeared to really feel the loss.

Major was buried on the farm, like all the animal’s rescues who pass on , and got his own grave marker. But after his burial, the rescuers noticed something remarkable: Tricycle would stay by the gravesite, mourning his old friend:

He continued to go to for about three days, and his owners knew this was a true grieving process.

“Like many folks , there's a way of loss that we all got to run through ,” Lester Aradi, owner of the sanctuary, told People. “Animals even have that sense of loss.”

It seems , it wasn’t just a special relationship he had with Major — Tricycle has been seen mourning for all the animals who pass on .

Most recently an alpaca named Trixie died, and therefore the dog was found laying by her grave.

It’s a gorgeous story that shows how real the love between animals are often , and the way dogs can have such complex emotions like people do.