Two Stray Dogs Found Tied to a Pole Look Out for Each Other at Vet

Two stray dogs tied to a fence and starved to death have found their eternal home. Experiencing a common struggle often builds a strong bond between friends. That was the case with two neglected stray dogs found tied to a fence post in Southeast Portland, Oregon.

The two dogs were originally named Philip and Dade, but were later renamed Biggie and Smalls by their new family. Smalls is an 8-year-old white poodle with a lot of tousled hair. The vet was forced to shave his coat, and he also had dental problems. Biggie is a 6-year-old chocolate Great Dane mixture that weighs less than 50 pounds and is very lean.


The veterinary staff at Dove Lewis Animal Hospital clearly saw that the two dogs took care of each other very deeply. When Biggie entered the ER, he looked for Smalls and reached up to the exam table to offer his buddy a “nose-to-nose” kiss.


“I get teary just brooding about Dade’s [Biggie’s] worried expression when he walked within the room trying to find Phillip [Smalls],” Lorri Schinderle, an assistant vet tech at DoveLewis, said during a news release. “They were so attached. you'll tell that they were meant to be together. Dade didn’t leave Phillip’s side, and he wouldn’t stop kissing him and loving him.”

“They were with great care worried about one another ,” said Dr. Becca Falender, “even once we separated them across the space .” The dogs were treated and sent to the Multnomah County Animal Service Center, where they were lucky enough to be adopted by a family that knew they needed to be together!

Their new mother Jen said that Biggie not only gained weight, but also found a way to open the refrigerator! She says, “They are really sweet dogs and good listeners, once they want to be.”

“We were so hopeful that they might find a home together. It feels good to understand that we treated them, shaved years of mats off Smalls and gave them hope,” said Schinderle. “It makes me so happy to understand that somebody goes to like them and that they will have a replacement life together.”

Here’s a video taken survive their adoption day. They’re so excited to find out one another again and to be getting to their new home!

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