Unwanted Senior Dog Dumped In Lot During Storm, Can’t Even Raise Its Head

Her owners decided that she has no more value for them. So they abandoned her in freezing weather and they didn't even care.

An older dog was abandoned by her parents in the church parking lot in Houston, Texas, and she decided not to waste time caring for her. The blind dog was completely confused! She had no idea why she was left, and didn't knowing where to travel, so, she stayed within the same spot during a horrific storm! She was found when someone pulled into the parking zone .

So he directly contacted the local rescuers, and the rescuers were completely shocked when they saw that the dog was in poor physical condition! The dog, who was named Lucy, felt sort of a burden in her time of life rather than feeling loved!

Every bone in her body was seen, and her eyes were crying from the infection. Rescuers took the dog to the veterinary clinic, where they knew she needed to stay comfortable because his health was still deteriorating.

Thankfully, the dog received her treatment, and she or he was completely healed. She was placed in a family, but the foster caretakers decided to adopt her. the great thing was that Lucy was ready to spend her last days during a forever home as she sadly died a couple of weeks later.

Watch the video below.

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