Dog Abused & Left To Starve In An Abandoned Attic Falls In Love With Her Rescuer

 It’s unclear how long the dog was stranded in the attic, but somehow she survived.

Jamie Russell and her friends came to an abandoned house in Pennsylvania to clean the attic. Little did they know, that moment would save a life. There is an unpleasant smell of urine and feces in the attic. Also, they spotted a Hole Bull trapped over there who was nothing but skin and bones.


It’s unclear how long the canine was stranded in the garret, but ever she survived with no food or water. Despite the harsh situation, she was incredibly loving and did not want to leave Lassell’s side. From that moment on, Russell knew that she had to do her best to save the dog. These chews contain our high-quality Cannanine ™ CBD oil, and its super easy-to-administer form is so adorable!


It’s a phenomenon that Lassell plant the canine when she did.However, the poor doggy might not have survived, If she had not. Since then, Russell named the dog Remy, and the puppy has been with her. After an original Warhorse visit, Russell learned that Remy had more health problems due to his abuse and neglect.

“ Her aft leg is broken. It healed on its own, so her kneecap isn't connected, and a bone grew behind it,” Lassell said. “ She does have a broken nail, too, and they're removing that. We've to take her to get that removed. She has a broken tooth that I've to take her to a pooch dentist to get removed.” Lassell suspects that some of Remi’s injuries came from trying to escape. It looked as if she had been scratching and smelling at the walls of the garret to find a way out. No one knows who did this to Remi, but it’s hard to believe that anyone would deliberately put an innocent canine through that.


Remi has a long road to recovery ahead of her, but Lassell is doing everything she can to make it a smooth transition. She gave her a comfortable canine bed to rest in, and she’s pacing her food and water to avoid expanding her stomach too snappily. Stagers suspect that Remi is between one and two times old. Russell plans to indeed keep Remy after her medical treatment is complete. The two have formed a close bond, and they can't imagine life without each other. Everyday, Remi gests little accomplishments, similar as going down the stairs on her own or sitting still for a bath.

“ Saved this little babe a week ago & she looks great a week latterly. (A) little bit of love and food goes a long way,” Lassell wrote on Facebook next to prints of her and Remi. To help pay for medical expenses, Russell launched GoFundMe for Remi. Thanks to numerous kind beast suckers, they've formally surpassed they're thing of$! Remi will be feeling better in no time.


This pretty little girl was found today.. going to be a long journey with her, but well worth it.... follow along to see her grow! ❤️💕

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