Emaciated Dog Tossed In Dumpster On Christmas Day Gets A Special Holiday Gift

When the beast suckers come together for a common goal, amazing effects can be .

The Villa Rica Police Department is asking Georgia residents to help find an opportunity to throw an abandoned dog into the trash can. All of this happened on Christmas Day, a time to celebrate and cherish the bones you love. On the contrary, this little dog has no way out. If there is no support.

When a person with a difficult life was taking out the trash, he heard that there was debris. He was frightened and called the police for support. In appearance, the police searched for garbage and plants A little dog in a black plastic bag wearing a mask. The dog was in a a bad situation, as Villa Rica Police Captain Keith Shaddix said it appeared not to have been fed in a while.


The sweet and innocent soul is stubbornly abandoned, but she is no longer alone. Officials transported her to the Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital, where she was treated. She is good enough to go home with the police officer who put her in the trash can. He named her Phenomenon and is now an endless member of his family.



Captain Shaddix said On Facebook “ We want to find the person that manhandled this dog and tried to throw her down. We want to find this person and hold them responsible,,” he continued with, “ If you fete the canine and know the proprietor’s identity, you're prompted to communicate Sergeant at 678-840-1314 orbfinley@villarica.org.” ”  

According to a recent update from the Villa Rica Police Department’s Facebook runner, PETA is offering up to a$ price for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who ditched Phenomena. For more information,