Homeless Boy Adopts Puppy And Names Him After Lost Brother

Rommel Quemenales was only 11 years old when he released a short film about his life on the drive. His father left him when he was very young, and his mother had little interest in her multiple births. So, Rommel began praying and changing Croesus in his own ways. But he was not doing it alone. During his time on the drives, he met a homeless coonhound, who fast grew his elegant friend.

Rommel named his dog Badji after his relative, Adji, who had disappeared many times before. Rommel takes Badji throughout with him, and he takes care of the canine’s must-haves before his own. They ’re the most encouraging couplet you ’ll ever see!

Rommel and Badji live in Quezon City in the Philippines. Front Row Publications partook a 25- twinkling videotape about the boy’s life back in 2015, which pulled at the heartstrings of watchers. Rommel showed the camera crew what his quotidian life looks like and how he and Badji survive on their own.


According to Rommel, his father left them in 2009. His sire fell in love with their sitter and Nowise returned to his family. His mother is still there, but does n’t watch that Rommel spends utmost of his time on the traces. Sometimes, Rommel stays with his senior stock, who's at work more hourly than not. Utmost of the time, Badji is Rommel’s only real companion.

Rommel said that his little in-law Aji got lost when they were immature, and the dog Buggy reminded him of his in-laws. His mammy says they looked around the city for Adji at first, but nowise called the police. According to his mammy, their father said they should n’t worry about Adji. He said the boy would turn up one day, but Rommel still does n’t know where he is.


“ (Badji is) my playmate. I really do allow of him as my in-law,” said Rommel. “ I yea carry him as I did my in-law.” A Day in the Life of Rommel Little Rommel has prayed for the chaebol all his life. He goes around the city, politely asking outsiders for change. The boy collects and saves up as a significant plutocrat as he can, and he uses it to feed Badji, and either himself. He carries Badji with him ultimate of the time, but when he sets the mutt down, Badji always follows closely forward. “ I would be so lonely without you,” Rommel said to Badji.

Rommel also saved money to buy repertoire from the seminary so that he could continue his studies. Even though he is older, he now changes it to its original level. Fortunately, multicultural people stepped forward to help Rommel realize his dream of completing the seminary. The transplanted seminary allowed him to attend third grade as long as he kept himself clean and brought his own notepads. Rommel was the only scholar without a seminary outfit, but he did not mind. He said it’s about the education, not the livery.


When Rommel entered academia, he sent Buggy away with his mother or elderly siblings. His siblings have two canines of their own, Putol and Cosmo. All his adolescent siblings still live with his ma. Rommel hourly visits both homes, where he can cook food for himself and Badji. But he said his ma nowise asks him to stay at home and instead wants the capitalist he collects.  

  Carrying His Life Goals,

Rommel’s life is not easy, but he always makes the maximum of it. The kind people who have helped support Rommel and his canine have helped him get an education, which is a huge palm in his eyes. He wants to go to academe so he can help his siblings too.  

“ I ’m happy because I ’m going back to seminary. I ’ll be suitable to help my siblings out if I finish my studies,” Rommel said. “ (I wish) that we've our own house one day, so that people ca n’t treat us like namby-pambies presently.”  

The tape disappears as Rommel goes to school and makes the most of his life, no matter how tricky the equipment is. He says he’s not frightened of anything because he has Badji by his side. Unfortunately, there have not been any updates about Rommel and Badji since the tape first looked. Hopefully, they ’re doing better, and they ’re still equal to support each other during hard times. Watch the Full Hap Presently

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